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How to manually configure Secure CRT and Secure FX

The installers for Secure CRT and Secure FX are found at:

This web page describes how to configure SecureCRT or SecureFX to connect to .

Configure SecureCRT and/or SecureFX for MIT use:

  1. Use the menu File > Connect
  2. Press the button for New Session
  3. On the screens that follow, enter the following settings:
    • SecureCRT® protocol: SSH2
    • (next)
    • Hostname:
    • Port: 22
    • Firewall: None
    • Username: your Kerberos username
    • (next)
    • SecureFX® protocol: SFTP
    • (next)
    • Session name: Athena (or whatever you like)

Connect to MIT once the setup is complete

  1. Use the menu File > Connect
  2. Select the Athena session and press the Connect button.

If unable to connect

Please make sure to check every option for Key exchange.

  1. Open SecureCRT
  2. Click File/Connect
  3. Right Click Athena Session
  4. Click Properties (bottom)
  5. Click SSH2
  6. Check all options listed under "Key Exchange"

Host Key Fingerprint warning.

You may see a warning about a SSH host key.
This warning is normal, and will happen the first time you connect to a new server in MIT's pool of dialup servers. The warnings happen once per server, so you might see the warning appear a few times before it stops.

  1. Check that the host key fingerprint in the warning is one of the following keys:
    Key Type SHA256 fingerprint MD5 fingerprint
    ED25519 ihCKzJhwUV5PjiiVJb+zMg6ZC7lQ9qgRZ9aFnqNBVVI 16:15:e1:3d:3f:36:40:4e:c6:c3:61:87:f0:22:2f:b7
    ECDSA vdKTKsJEHKZ3MrhAVpgSkhih3ddcNBYSdDpObAosTpQ 98:98:11:5b:bc:70:9d:a5:65:85:5a:20:89:c8:94:c3
    RSA HJmsF6v3cBT4RXj2JnB8TRXo7OZ5gaI7+TKf/1/0wq0 99:d8:44:46:3a:e8:ce:19:af:0a:cc:58:d1:b3:71:c2
    DSA 0QreoWIjFYjjkbFMAdRrWbFYSzT1z/ygRS3Py6FGeIE 87:ec:d9:ea:9d:29:fd:27:3c:b5:c6:87:c2:e4:46:50
  2. Click {Accept & Save}.

The warning looks like this:

The host key database does not contain an entry for the
hostname, which resolved to,
port 22. If you have received this message more
than once for, this may mean that
is an "alias" which resolves to different hosts.

It is recommended you verify your host key before accepting.

Server's host key fingerprint (MD5 hash):

{Accept Once} {Accept & Save} {Cancel}

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August 12, 2020

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