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Help for Semester Books Submission Form (part of TIP)

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Who should I contact regarding questions about TIP?

For general business questions, contact If you need to edit your submission for any reason, you should contact The Coop and the MIT Libraries will receive your update and edit your request.

For dealing with timely issues of textbooks and courses, your department likely has assigned a TIP Liaison. Textbook Information Provision (TIP) Business and Contact Information can help you find your liason. You will need to log in to the Knowledge Base.

Why can't I access the textbook information form?

TIP uses Touchstone authentication. In order to access the form you must have a Kerberos ID and Password or an MIT personal certificate installed on the web browser you are using. If you do not have a Kerberos account, an MIT staff member from the department with which you are working can sponsor you for one. See:

Does the system time out after periods of inactivity?

The system does not time out after periods of inactivity.

If I navigate away from the form and then return to it, will I have to re-enter my information?

There is no auto-save functionality for this form. If you leave the form and you will have to reenter the information for your submission.

Are there browser compatibility issues?

The application has been tested with IE 8, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, and no compatibility issues have been found.

How quickly will the textbook information be displayed on the Subject Listing page?

At most, a week, unless the Coop needs to follow up with you individually. When the form is submitted, the data is emailed to the Coop. Coop staff manually enter the data into their system, which updates the Data Warehouse every Sunday night. Once the data is in the Data Warehouse, the Online Listing will be updated on the evening of the following day.

When I enter a course number, I get a message saying it has been changed to the master subject ID. Why does this happen?

Some MIT courses are jointly listed with courses in other disciplines that represent equivalency with regard to satisfying an academic requirement. For data management purposes, you must place textbook orders with the course number designated as the Course Master. After you click OK in the message dialog box, the course number will change to the Course Master number. Make a note of this number in case you need to refer to it later.

How can I review the course material I used the last time I taught the class? If I want to use the textbooks from the last semester, do I have to re-enter the information?

Previous term textbook data will not be available in this initial rollout. However, once you have submitted textbook information via TIP, that information will be available via a search from within the application. You will be able to search for textbooks used in prior terms and will be able to select the same textbooks for the course.

How does my information get to the COOP for ordering, and to the Library?

Once you submit the form, the information is sent via an automated email to the COOP and the Library. You will also receive an email confirmation. The TIP process dataflow and TIP process description provide a detailed overview of the flow of communication and data throughout the TIP process.

What happens if I make a mistake in my textbook selection, who do I contact if I need to correct the information?

If you would like to edit your submission, you should contact The Coop and the Libraries will receive your update and edit your request.

Can I have someone else fill out the form for me? How will I see if my designee submitted the textbook information?

Yes, a designee may fill out the form. Make sure all the fields are filled out. In particular, there is an "Find Instructor" button that must be clicked to list the instructor for the course if a designee is filling out the form.

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July 25, 2017

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