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GAP Approvals Workflow

Some, but not all, appointments created in the Graduate Appointment Portal (GAP) will require approval by one or more departments. Conditions which require approval include:

HR Payroll

  • PERNR is not valid for the dates of the appointment
  • A retroactive change for a student who is currently an employee
  • Prior calendar year amount or percentage changes, or changes after deletion
  • Errors processing the appointment/distributions in SAP


  • Salary/stipend is greater than 15% above the standard rate
  • Reasonable compensation rule is waived


  • Student not eligible in current term, changes to prior term within same aid year
  • Eligible and on degree list in current term, total amount changed (tuition/ins/SLF)
  • Award created, changed or deleted prior to current term, or in prior aid year

VPF Sponsored

  • Change of amount for WBS more than 90 days past end of fiscal year quarter
PowerFAIDS will receive a notification email if an appointment is created, changed or deleted from a previous aid year, although the appointment will not require their approval.

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March 24, 2017

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