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Forgotten master password in Firefox


I received a message:

Please enter the master password for the software security device. 

I do not remember the password.


The master password is set for the certificate that resides in Firefox.
If you do not remember the password or it was set by another user in the past you can use the following steps to reset the password:

Alternate Methods

If the chrome link above does not work, try the alternative link:
(this process also removes personal certificates)

If you are still unable to reset the master password after resetting it using the chrome:// url, remove the key3.db file from your Profile Folder. In Windows XP and Windows 2000, you can find this folder by typing, into the Windows Exporer Address bar of the My Computer window:

Your profile folder will have a random name, but unless you have multiple firefox profiles, it will be the only folder. Go into this folder, and remove the key3.db file, then restart Firefox. You will need to obtain new certificates afterward.

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October 07, 2014

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