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FSILG Network Information

FSILG network infrastructure equipment is managed by IS&T, which is responsible for maintaining the wired/wireless switches, wireless access points (AP), and connectivity of the house to MITnet. Houses are responsible for maintaining any wiring/cabling from the network jacks in the wall back to the switches.

If there is an issue with the network, the house should notify IS&T ( Note: IS&T staff cannot gain access to a house without a house member’s presence.

More information about FSILG network infrastructure maintenance and responsibilities can be found in the Network Management Program (NMP) Terms of Service on the AILG web site.

The FSILG network infrastructure and connectivity to MITnet is similar to most MIT campus buildings. Thus, articles found in the Knowledge Base will be applicable to an FSILG just as they are to the rest of MIT. Exceptions to this, and information specific to the FSILG network infrastructure, can be found on this page.

Network Switch Equipment

MIT IS&T Managed Devices [no user access] - Please Do NOT Touch or Unplug Cables. (except to patch/connect house network drops to "Access Switch")
Note: If you need to power off a device for ANY reason, please contact in advance.

Network Diagram

Entry Switch (Cisco 4948)

Access Switch (Cisco 3650)

Other Articles:

General Network Information

Page: FSILG Building and Network Address Information (IS&T Contributions)

FSILG, IS&T Network Contacts

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Hostnames and Static IP addresses

Page: Create hostname with static ip address for FSILG network contacts (IS&T Contributions)
Page: Delete a hostname or static ip address for FSILG network contacts (IS&T Contributions)

See Also

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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August 03, 2020

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