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Edit moira lists using WebMoira

Edit list membership

  • Navigate, in your web browser, with certificates, to:
  • In the left pane, enter the list name.
  • Select the radio button for Add members or Remove members, and select Go.
  • Remove members screen:
    • Place a check next to the name you wish to delete, and select Remove members.
  • Add members screen:
    • To add individual members with MIT addresses, leave the drop-down on user. Enter the kerberos usernames (without the
    • To add non-MIT individuals, select string from the drop-down, and enter the full (non-MIT) email address.

What if I want to delete a moira list?

  • Functionality to delete a list is not available in WebMoira.
  • To delete a Moira list for which you have administrative rights, use the listmaint interface on Athena, or send mail to
    • If the list is self-owned, you should change it to be owned by you before deleting it. Otherwise, the first step of deletion (removing the members) will leave you without permission to remove the empty list.

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July 22, 2009

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