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Edit moira lists using WebMoira

Edit list membership

  1. Navigate, in your web browser, with certificates, to:
  2. In the left pane, enter the list name in the Find a List text box and press Go. Alternatively, you may scroll through the list names under Lists I Am On or Lists I Can Administer and click on one.
    WebMoira main sections

  3. You will be taken to a separate page where you will see the list's name, description, administrators and members.
    WebMoira list information

If you have administrator privileges on the list

  • You may add or remove members (including yourself) under the Members section.
  • To remove a member:
    • Click remove to the right of the person's name and kerberos.
  • To add a member:
    • You can add a person to a list using their name, kerberos, MIT ID, or email address. As you begin typing, a dropdown list will appear displaying matches for what you are typing. Once you have found the person, click their name, which adds it to the Add Member text box, and then click the Add button. Note: non-MIT email addresses can be added, but will not display in the drop-down list, only MIT emails addresses will show.

      Tip: Be sure to click the ## more text to see all matching names.
  • To change your membership:
    • If you are a member of the list already, you will see a Remove Me button under the Add Member text box.
    • If you are not a member, the button will be read Add Me.
      Add or remove members from list

If you don't have administrator privileges

  • You cannot add or remove members from the list.
  • You can only remove yourself from a list.
    Note: If you remove yourself from a list you do not administer, you must send a request to the list administrator to rejoin the list. Simply click the Send Request button at the top of the Membership panel.
    Request to rejoin a list

What if I want to delete a moira list?

  • Functionality to delete a list is not available in WebMoira.
  • To delete a Moira list for which you have administrative rights, use the listmaint interface on Athena, or send mail to

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