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Q: EUC Lite Touch Troubleshooting

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Below are a list of common issues that you might experience with imaging your Windows computers via EUC Lite Touch. If you run into an issue not listed please contact to get it resolved.

Authentication works but you have a blank screen

  • Issue: You do not have permissions to use EUC Lite Touch
  • Resolution: You need to be added to a Moira group. Email and request to be added.

Attempts to PXE boot fail with error "Error: PXE-E53: No boot filename received"

  • Issue: UEFI-only (such as Surface Book/Surface Pro) machines cannot PXE boot current image. 
  • Resolution: Boot the machine using the boot image on a USB flash drive. Download the boot ISO from the following UNC path: \\w92wds2\ditrdeployment$\Boot. Write the ISO to a USB flash drive using a disk utility such as Rufus.  Make sure to use a GPT partition map and format with a FAT32 file system.

    Booting from this USB drive will connect you to the deployment share in the same manner as PXE booting.

How do I deal with 2 or more disks in the computer?

  •  During EUC Lite Touch will automatically select the first disk it sees, wipe it, and install the operating system to it. If there are more than one disk present, you'll need to temporarily disable any additional disks. You can do this by physically disconnecting the disk or going into the BIOS to disable the disk.

Two accounts present on the computer, Administrator and mitadm.

  • Issue: The task sequence did not finish properly. The administrator account should get disabled at the end of the task sequence. 
  • Resolution: Boot into EUC Lite Touch and press F8 (on laptops that don't have dedicated row of F-keys, you may need to hold the FN key and then press F8) to bring up the command prompt. Enter the following:
    • diskpart <hit enter>
    • select disk 0 <hit enter>
    • clean <hit enter>
  • Reboot and start the process again.

You encounter an error during the imaging process where "the user name or password is incorrect"

  • Issue: There is an incorrect setting in the GPO for your OU.
  • Resolution: Disable the GPO setting that changes the default administrator account's password to a well known password.

You receive the error "A connection to the deployment share \\W92WDS2\ditrdeployment$ could not be made. The following networking device did not have a driver installed"

  • Issue: Necessary drivers are missing and need to be uploaded. You can confirm if the drivers are listed at the overview page.
  • Resolution: Contact the EUC team at with the hardware model. Specifically get the model name by typing "wmic csproduct get name" from a command prompt and email the returned string.

After Applying operating system the computer reboots into a Blue Screen of Death or Lite Touch does not detect the drive.

  • Issue: RAID drivers do not get injected properly into operating. This can also affect any model for which the Lite Touch boot image does not yet have drivers for the Intel RAID chipset.
  • Resolution: Press F2 at boot and go into Setup. Select System Configuration->SATA Operation and change the option from RAID to AHCI. 

Lite Touch imaging does not complete properly and the BIOS setup is prompting for a password

  • The there is a temporary password assigned which is necessary for enabling the TPM for the BitLocker encryption process. The temporary password is "temppwd".

Additional Basic Troubleshooting

OEM Task Sequence

  • Make sure the OEM task sequence matches the version that the computer originally shipped with. e.g. Windows 10 Home will only install and activate on a machines that shipped with Windows 10 Home
  • Not all models can be guaranteed to work via EUC Lite Touch. Generally, only Enterprise models (e.g. Optiplex, Latitude, ThankPad, ThinkCentre) will have proper driver packs. If you cannot PXE boot than please see if you can install Windows from a USB flash drive.
  • Verify that the disk is good and visible. Run the diskpart command then run the list disk command to view available disks.
  •  Make sure that you are updated to the latest BIOS

Activate Windows 8.1 OEM or Windows 10 OEM after installing via USB Drive

If a computer shipped with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, the product activation key is embedded in the BIOS. You can activate Windows using the script found here:


The contents of this script are:

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July 07, 2022

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