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Device offboarding at MIT

IT technicians should follow the below steps when a device is leaving the Institute. End users should consult with their IT support before making changes.

Devices leaving MIT should be wiped and the OS reinstalled. This is critical to protect Institute data and to reclaim licenses for software that the device and user are no longer entitled to. Also, if a device is encrypted with MIT enterprise tools the key would be unrecoverable in the future rendering the device unusable.

Do not reinstall campus AV or other MIT software as the device is no longer licensed for it.

VPF requirements require that software and data are removed.

Apple devices

Mac devices must be removed from DEP. Send any serial numbers to for removal, and specify that "this device is permanently leaving campus." Computers being sold or recycled should be removed permanently, while repairs being sent back to Apple should be removed temporarily so they can be re-added when they come back to MIT.

To properly erase an Apple device follow the steps here.

PC devices

PCs can be reset via Lite Touch and choosing the OEM task sequence. You can also reset the device.

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September 21, 2022

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