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Determine what training I need to take

Go to the My Profile tab of the MIT Learning Center and create EHS Profile

1. In Atlas, go to the Learning Center application and select the My Profile tab.

2. Select "Create EHS Profile" under MY EHS ACTIVITIES or "Update PI/Activities" to edit an existing Training Profile.

3. If you have a PI or Supervisor:
On the "Find your PI or Supervisor" screen, view available PIs by last name or select "search for a PI" to enter text to find your PI.


Select Continue without PI:
Advance to the Activities list

4. After selecting a PI/Supervisor or continuing without a PI, Select Your Activities
Note: Items that are highlighted in yellow are potential activities based on the PI/Supervisor selected (if applicable).

5. Submit your activity selection. Your Training Profile will display EHS Activities and PI/Supervisor affiliations.

Edit these selections using the Update PI/Activities button.

6. After you make changes to the My Profile tab, corresponding training needs will populate the My Training Needs tab.

-For questions regarding your EHS training needs assessment, contact your Principal Investigator (PI) / Supervisor, his or her EHS Representative, or the EHS Coordinator for your Department, Lab, or Center.
-For additional questions, contact the MIT Environmental Health and Safety Office, at (617) 452-3477 (2-EHSS), or by email at

-See also:
My Training Profile page in the Atlas User Guide.
Quick Guide.
Environmental Health and Safety Training FAQs.

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February 23, 2017

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