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CrashPlan (formerly Code42) Cannot find the server error

CrashPlan and Code42 are the same application/service. Crashplan was renamed Code42 after it was sold, then renamed again back to CrashPlan after it was sold again. Which name you see in the product, filenames, or paths depends on what version you are using. For the purposes of this documentation, the names are used interchangeably and refer to the same product.

The new vendor website for Crashplan is:


When trying to register for Code42 I get the error:

Unable to connect to null:0, check your network


First confirm your network is connected. If not, connect to the network and try again. If your network is connected, it is likely a corrupted Code42 configuration file.

  1. Completely remove the Code42 app.
  2. Reinstall Code42
  3. Try registering and connecting to the MIT Code42 server again.

If you still can't connect to the MIT Code42 server, contact the IS&T service desk for further assistance.

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January 23, 2023

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