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Connecting Android to the Wireless Networks at MIT

These instructions generalize how to connect an Android device running a 6.x, a 7.x, or an 8.x device to an MIT-related wireless network. The instructions illustrated here may not exactly reflect what you may see on your device, but the main steps should be the same across all Android devices.
  1. Swipe down with two fingers from the top of the screen, and select the Settings icon. It should be symbolized by a gear.
    Example Android phone main page

  2. On the Settings page, Select Wi-Fi. The option is typically located be within the page itself. It can also be found using the search bar in the settings menu.
    Example Android phone settings page

  3. If Wi-Fi is enabled (the Wi-Fi option should be switched to ON), the next screen should show the available Wi-Fi networks pertaining to the MIT community. They are listed as follows.
    Example Android phone Wi-Fi selection page

    • MIT SECURE: This is the preferred wireless network for members of the MIT community, including students, faculty, staff and affiliates. It provides an unrestricted, fast, reliable and encrypted connection to the MIT network, the Internet and internal resources. An MIT Kerberos login is needed to access this network.

    • MIT: MIT's Unsecured wireless network.

    • eduroam: wireless network for the participating education and research community. MIT community members (as well as members of other participating universities and research communities) can login into this network using their university, alumni, or research email credentials

    • MIT GUEST: MIT's unsecured network for users who do not have MIT (or an eduroam) login credentials. This network has limited access to certain internet resources.

  4. This screen is the login prompt for the MIT SECURE and eduroam networks up to Android 8. Enter the following:
    Login prompt for MIT Secure and eduroam networks
  5. This is the login prompt for MIT SECURE on Android 13.

      • EAP Method: PEAP
      • Phase 2 Authentication: MSCHAPV2
      • CA Certificate: Use system certificates
      • Online Certificate Status: Request certificate status
      • Domain:
      • Identity: Kerberos username.
      • Passord: Kerberos password.
    • eduroam:
      • Identity: Enter your MIT email address (ex. "") .
      • Password: Enter your MIT Kerberos password 
      • For Android 8 CA Certificate: Change to "Use system certificates"
  1. Result: Your credentials will authenticate to the MIT Server, and you will be connected to the selected wireless network.
The eduroam network was developed for the research and education community. Members of the community may use their MIT credentials to connect to the "eduroam" WiFi network at thousands of educational and research institutions in over 50 countries.

For specific instructions to connect a wireless Android device to the eduroam network, click here.

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January 30, 2023

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