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Accessing or Publishing a Workbook to Tableau Server

Q: How do I access Tableau Server or publish a workbook to it?

To Access Tableau Server

To access Tableau Server, go to the Tableu homepage and authenticate via Touchstone.

To Publish to Tableau Server

You will need to use the Tableau Desktop application.

  1. From the menu bar in Tableau Desktop,
  2. Select Server > Publish Workbook
    Tableau Server menu
  3. Enter and select Connect.
    Enter server address
  4. Login with Touchstone, using the Kerberos option.
  5. You will see the following screen:
    Publish workbook to Tableu Server window
  6. Choose the project/folder where you want to save your workbook, view permissions, and what sheets or dashboards you'd like to publish, and then click Publish.
    • You can move the project and update the permissions later from the Tableau web interface as well.

If you get an error, click Show Details.

Tableau Publishing Error - newer Desktop version

Copy the error message and send it to the IS&T Help Desk.

Tableau will let you preview your workbook. You can close the Publish Workbook Results window, or continue to preview your results.
If your Tableau workbook connects to a data source (e.g., the Data Warehouse), enter your credentials for that data source when prompted.
You can then interact with your workbook tabs and/or dashboards.

For more information, see Publishing Workbooks in the Tableau Desktop help guide.

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August 04, 2020

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