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Using RCS to Manage Knowledge Base User Macros

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  • The RCS (Revision Control System) provides check in and check out / lock features and maintains a history of changes.
  • When checking in you may also append a comment regarding revisions made.

What is the process to make a change to a user macro?

  1. Connect to Athena (command prompt). On the Mac, using Terminal app.
  2. Connect to usermacros directory in Knowledge Base locker: % cd /afs/
  3. Check out / lock desired user macro
  4. Make changes
  5. Copy changes to the knowledge base / Dolios and test
  6. If okay, copy changes to the knowledge base / Logios (Production). Test.
  7. Download changed copy of macro to Athena ... usermacros directory and overwrite the existing copy.
  8. Check in latest version to RCS.

What are the mechanics of doing this?

As a GUI girl, and a Mac user, the tools I use are Fetch and Terminal.


With Fetch I transfer the user macro file to my local machine for editing and testing in the knowledge base environment.
Once finished with testing use Fetch to copy the file back to the usermacros directory.


Terminal can be used to connect to Athena and run the RCS commands at an Athena prompt.

  • Connect to Athena: ssh
  • Note: work within the usermacros directory. That way the source code files are not mingled with the ,v rcs files.

RCS Commands

  • Check in new version of file and leave a copy in the directory where you execute the check in command
  • Terminate RCS by entering a period (.) and carriage return
  • Check out file and lock it. Let's others know file is checked out to you.
  • If you try to check out a macro locked by someone else:
    You will see:

Questions tba...

  • How do I cancel an RCS check out?
  • What is the process for rolling back a change to a user macro?

See Also

When creating a new user macro include a standard set of header comments found here.
User Macro Header Comments

The K.B. Handbook

Documentation and information about using The Knowledge Base

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February 25, 2013

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