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Viewing Transactions

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
You can access Atlas at

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Search for a Transaction

  1. In Atlas, select the Student Appointments group.
  2. Select View Student Transactions.
  3. On the Search for a Transaction page, enter the search criteria. You may search by:
    • Transaction number
    • Transaction type, such as Create, Terminate, Change, or Cancel
    • Student's MIT ID
    • Preparer's Kerberos ID
    • Department
    • Status, such as Pending, Processed, or Rejected
    • Effective Date of the appointment
    • Submission date of the appointment

      Search for a Transaction
  4. Click Search. If you have entered invalid search criteria, an error message will appear at the top. If the error is related to date field, clicking in the field also display a message indicating the correct format for that field, as shown in the Submission date field in the example below.

    Date Format Error

  5. Search results will appear below the search criteria fields (example below). Note that you can see the current Status of each transaction in the far right column. Click on any Transaction number to view the details of the transaction.

    Search Results

Viewing the Details of a Transaction

After searching (above), click on any Transaction number to view the details of the transaction.

For Create transactions, you will see the details of the appointment in a single column, like the example below

Student and Transaction Details

For Change, Terminate or Cancel transactions, like the example below, you will see "Current" and "New" values columns showing what information was modified on the original appointment.

Student and Transaction Details

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