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View and Manage SAP Transactions - Verifier

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You will use this feature in the system to:

  • View SAP transactions.
  • Take the timely steps to ensure that SAP transactions are linked to receipts and expensed in order to prevent the transactions from being swept.

Select the ProCard Transactions view.

ProCard Transactions Search

The first time you open this list during a day, it may take a minute or two to populate. This is because the system is performing a full retrieval from SAP of the transactions you are authorized to view. After this ‘first’ viewing, the display automatically updates with no delays, no matter how many times you enter and exit the application, and updates made by you or others will display in real time.

SAP Transactions are the bank transactions that have been loaded into SAP which you as a reviewer are authorized to see. Every transaction listed needs to be linked to an expensed receipt in the system.

Status Icons display in the Linked column. Icons identified Draft, Reviewed, Approved, and Swept transactions. No icon means the transaction has not been linked to a receipt.

Once a transaction is approved successfully through this application, the Transaction will no longer be pulled into this list of transactions the next time it refreshes, which occurs every twenty minutes. It will be represented with an Approved icon during the in-between period of the refresh process.

Search Fields – Click the Toggle Search button on the row of buttons to display the search fields. These allow you to filter the list to only those transactions matching your criteria. After you enter your criteria, click the Search button on the right side of the window to execute the search. To hide the search fields, click the Toggle Search button.

Managing SAP Transaction/Receipt Links

The Edit/Create button allows you to perform different tasks.

  • Create a Receipt for an unlinked transaction: Select the transaction and then click Create/Edit. The system brings you to a blank receipt entry window. You may now enter a receipt for the transactions
  • Edit a Receipt for a Draft status transaction: Select the transaction and then Create/Edit. This system opens the draft receipt. You may now edit the receipt.
  • View the receipt for an approved or swept transaction: Select the transaction and then Create/Edit. This system opens the receipt in view only mode.

Create Email to Communicate SAP Transaction Information

The Create Email function allows you to send information via email about a transaction. Typically, you will use this to remind cardholders to create receipts for transactions, or communicate with other reviewers or verifiers about the status of a transaction. To send an email:

  1. Select the transaction or transactions you wish to communicate about. (If you have used the Search function to filter the list and then Select All – only the visible transactions will be selected.)
  2. Click Create Email to display an email dialog.
  3. Enter the body of the email.
  4. Note that the selected transactions are listed.
  5. Select one or many recipients.
  6. Click Send Email.

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April 23, 2016

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