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View In-Process and Archived Receipts - Reviewer

The In Process tab displays receipts that you have submitted for review and verification. You cannot edit an In Process receipt, but you can view it – select the receipt and click View.

The Archived tab displays receipts that have been successfully posted to SAP in an ‘Approved’ or ‘Swept Before Approved’ status.

Receipts have a Status. Status can include:

  • Draft (only displays on Open Tasks tab) – An Expense Form that that the user chose to save changes without submitting it to the next level of review. Represented with
  • Submitted – An Expense Form that the Reviewer (Purchaser) attached a picture of the receipt to and sent it to their immediate Reviewer.
  • Reviewed – An Expense Form that has been submitted to the next level of review where all of the fields of the Expense Form were required to be filled in before submitting.
  • Approved – An Expense Form that was successfully posted into SAP, changing the status in SAP from ‘Parked’ to ‘Posted’, and pushing all key data gathered into SAP as a system of record.
  • Returned – An Expense Form that a Reviewer/Approver returned to a Purchaser/Reviewer so they can add or correct information. If the receipt has been returned to you, it will display in your Open Tasks window and not in In-Process.
  • Reassigned – An Expense Form that has been reassigned to another user with the same role.
  • Swept Before Approved – An Expense that was started in Receipt Capture but was unable to get ‘Approved’ before being ‘Swept’ by SAP.

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