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Transaction Log (SAPgui)

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All of the Student Hourly transactions will be recorded in a transaction log, available through SAPgui. The transaction log can be accessed by HR Payroll Service Center staff to view transactions which have been processed successfully, generated a warning or encountered an error and need to be resolved

Viewing the Transaction Log

  1. In SAPgui, execute the transaction code zhr_hsa_log. The Hourly Students Transactions - Log search opens.

    Hourly Student Transactions Log Search Fields

  2. Enter search criteria as needed.
    • Note that in the Request Status section, the checkboxes for Review errors and Review pending items will default on.
    • In the Specific Selection Criteria section, you can narrow the search by type of transaction, position, or student.
  3. Select Execute when ready to perform the search.
  4. The Transaction Log will display:

    Transactions Log

Processing Transactions

From the Transaction log:

  1. Double-click on any Transaction Number to open the Transaction details. The data that was created or edited on the appointment will be shown in the white area. The Request status near the bottom of the screen will indicate what action needs to be taken.

    Transaction Details
    Tip: To print the Transaction details, press the Print button in the toolbar right above the transaction fields.

  2. Double-click on the Pers.No. for any transaction to open the Master Data (PA30).

    HR Master Data Screen

  3. Double-click the Action taken field and enter the details of your actions.

    Describe Action Taken

  4. Double-click the Completed field (the 'N') and select the appropriate action.

    Processed manually/Return to auto proc/Reject/Cancel

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