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Submit a Receipt - Verifier

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Before You Begin

Before you get started, you should have the following prepared:

  • Image file for your receipt. If you have several pages of receipts, create an image for each. The system allows jpg, jpeg, png, img, pdf, or gif images. The image files should not exceed 8MB.
  • Know the Cost Object and Expense Type. If the receipt is being split across many cost objects or expense types, you should know them as well.

Start the Receipt Process

Display the Open Tasks window and click Submit a Receipt.

If there are two or more unattached SAP transactions associated with your procard, the system displays a pop-up list of these transactions. You may select the applicable transaction from this list. If the list does not contain the applicable transaction, you can click not listed and continue to the Receipt screen.
If there is only one unattached SAP transaction associated with your procard, the system automatically attaches it to the receipt you are about to submit, and you will be brought to the Receipt screen. You can unlink the transaction if it is not applicable.

If there are no unlinked SAP transactions associated with your procard, you will be brought straight to the Receipt screen.

The receipt screen displays:

Attach receipt and add fill in subsequent details on right-hand side of page.

Note the options at the top of the application window:

Back to Home returns you to the Open Tasks window.

Report View generates a PDF report of the displayed receipt – a button displayed at the bottom of the application window allows you to open and view the PDF.

Workflow History displays a window showing the receipts history.

Information on Unallowable Charges displays a light box window detailing a list of regulated or restricted items that cannot be purchased using a procurement card.

Receipt Number Assigned

Note the green box on the left side of the window. A unique Receipt# has been assigned to the receipt you are now about to enter. You are the Created By. The Created On date is today’s date.

Upload and Attach Receipt(s)

  1. Click + Add Receipt to open the Receipt Detail dialog.

    Notice the Drop zone in the dialog box. This is where you will add the receipt file, upload it into the application, and finally attach it to the receipt record you are creating
  2. Add a receipt file to the grey Drop zone in dialog.
    1. You can drag a file from your desktop the dialog from your desktop.
    2. You can also click anywhere inside the grey box to display the File/Open dialog box, then search for and select the receipt file.
    3. If there are many files for the receipt (for example, the receipt was two pages), you may add them to the drop zone.
  3. Once you select a file, an icon for it displays in the Drop zone:
  4. Click Upload to bring the selected receipt file(s) into the system – a green check beside each icon confirms the upload.
  5. Click Attach Receipts to attach the uploaded receipts to the receipt you are working on.
    An image of the receipt now displays in the window.

    If you uploaded and attached many files, the screen shows the first one - use the navigate buttons to view the other receipts. Click Popout for an enlarged view of the receipt.If you attached the wrong receipt, click Detach. This options displays beneath the picture of the receipt. Once you detach the incorrect receipt, click + Attach to locate, upload, and attached the correct receipt.

What Next?

Continue with instructions on entering Receipt expense detail.

Return to PCard for Verifiers topic list.

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April 08, 2016

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