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RFP Inbox

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
You can access Atlas at

The RFP Inbox provides a means to edit and delete RFPs. As a convenience it also provides the ability to display, and in some cases, clone RFPs.

Your RFP Inbox will list:

  • RFPs which require your action
  • RFPs which you've saved but not sent on
  • RFPs which you've sent on, but have not been opened by the recipient
Action The Action column offers a button to Clone an RFP for those you've saved but not sent. (Note: Certain RFPs cannot be cloned until AP has created a vendor record for the payee). For RFPs sent to you mistakenly there is a Send Back button which returns the RFP to the sender with a "sorry wrong address" message.
State The State column indicates if an RFP has been Rejected, Sent to you for processing, Saved, or Sent On for approval. RFPs with no icon are awaiting your action. See the Icon Glossary at the top right of this page.
Receipt The Receipt column will indicate whether or not backup receipt documents have been attached to the RFP.
RFP# The RFP# column shows the RFP# assigned by SAP when the RFP is created. Click this number to open the RFP so you can act on it.
Creation Date The Creation Date column shows the date on which the RFP was created.
Payee The Payee column shows the name of the payee.
Created By The Created By column shows the Kerberos ID of the creator of the RFP. Hover over this briefly to display the full name.
Cost Object The Cost Object column shows the cost object associated with the RFP. If the cost object has not been entered yet this column will be blank.
Amount The Amount column shows the amount of the RFP.
This column allows you to delete RFPs you have not sent on. To delete the RFP click the check box then click the Delete Selected button. In process RFPs can only be deleted by someone who has approval authorization for that RFP. To delete these send them to your approver with a note requesting deletion.

Note: You may sort by a particular column by clicking it's heading. A small triangle in the column head will indicate the field currently sorted by and whether it is ascending or descending.

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