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New User - User Admin

Perform the following steps to setup a new user in the system. To be set up, a new user must

  • Have a Kerberos ID, MIT email address
  • Have a Cardholder Name established for them in SAP.

Get started!

  1. Click New User from the Administration menu. The following message displays.
    New User Confirmation Message
  2. Click Proceed.
  3. Enter the new user’s First Name, Last Name, Keberos ID, and E-mail address.
  4. Be sure to enter the user’s Cardholder Name exactly as it exists in SAP.
  5. Click the User Role’s Add button.

    The dialog lists the roles that can be selected. The Toggle Search button lets you filter this list.
  6. Click on each role the user will fill. You can select one or many.
  7. Click Select to apply your selection to the new user. You’ll return to the New Account widow. The selected role(s) will display. If you made a mistake, you can Remove a role.
  8. If the new user is Responsible for JV, click the selection box.
  9. By default, the new user is deemed an Active user of the ProCard Capture application and (once you establish their account) will be able to access the system. Blank means the new user will not be allowed to access or use the system.
  10. Click Next. The system now displays the Assign Reviewers window.
  11. Select First Level Reviewer, Second Level Reviewer, and Verifier from the drop-downs.
  12. To identify Alternate First Level Reviewers, click the Add button.
    Assign Reviewers form.  Must be done for new ProCard holder.
  13. Click on the alternate reviewer’s name and then click Select. (If you select the wrong person, you can Remove them). You now return to the Assign Reviewers window.
  14. Click Save to save your work and add the new user to system. The person can now access and use the system per the roles you accorded them.

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