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Open the Application

From your web browser go to Once you authenticate through Touchstone, you arrive at the Open Tasks window. 

Cardholder Open Tasks Window (labeled)

Submit a Receipt option allow you to submit a receipt for yourself. A Submit Multiple Receipts offers a quick way to upload multiple, unrelated receipts – each will become its own draft receipt that you can then open and complete.

Views are listed across the top of the application. They are:

  • Open Tasks lists receipts that you have created and saved as draft but not yet submitted to your reviewer.  There are no items available? This message displays is you have no Draft receipts or none that have been returned to you.     
  • In Process lists receipts that you have created and submitted for review.
  • Archive lists receipts that have been verified or swept.

Search Fields display if you click the Toggle Filter button. This feature allows you to filter the list of receipts within a view. Learn more in the Search section below. (See the Search section for more).

Receipts appear on the Open Tasks, In Process, and Archive views. Receipts are listed least recent to most recent. You can sort on any column by clicking the header to display a sort indicator, then click on the indicator to perform the sort. The Show options to choose how many transactions to display on one screen at time.

Use the navigation controls to move back and forth between screens of receipts.

Summary Information - click on a receipt to select it and to view the summary (no information displays here until you select a receipt). Created On date is the date the cardholder created the receipt. Received On is the date the receipt entered your Open Tasks. SAP Document ID and Vendor display only if an SAP transaction has been attached to the receipt.

Workflow History – Click on a receipt to select it and then click the Workflow History button to display a chronological list of the receipt’s status changes and reviewers.
Selected Receipt's Workflow History
No actions can be taken from this display.

Receipt Status

Receipts have a Status. Status can include:

  • Draft (only displays on Open Tasks tab) – An Expense Form that that the user chose to save changes without submitting it to the next level of review.
  • Submitted – An Expense Form that the Cardholder (Purchaser) attached a picture of the receipt to and sent it to their immediate Reviewer.
  • Reviewed – An Expense Form that has been submitted to the next level of review where all of the fields of the Expense Form were required to be filled in before submitting.
  • Approved – An Expense Form that was successfully posted into SAP, changing the status in SAP from ‘Parked’ to ‘Posted’, and pushing all key data gathered into SAP as a system of record.
  • Returned – An Expense Form that a Reviewer/Approver returned to a Purchaser/Reviewer so they can add or correct information. If the receipt has been returned to you, it will display in your Open Tasks window and not in In-Process.
  • Reassigned – An Expense Form that has been reassigned to another user with the same role.
  • Swept Before Approved – An Expense that was started in Receipt Capture but was unable to get ‘Approved’ before being ‘Swept’ by SAP.

Search a View for Specific Receipts

The search features allows you to filter the list of receipts within a view to only those which match your criteria. The search is view specific. If you search in Open Tasks, you will only filter for receipts in Open Tasks. The same holds true for In-Process and Archive. Further, you cannot search for receipts not under your authority, nor does it allow you to search for information in SAP or other external applications.

Click the Toggle Filter button – search fields open above the receipt list.

Receipt Search Tool

Search fields include

  • Document ID – available only for receipts that have been matched with SAP transactions, the document number for the purchase in SAP.
  • Transaction Date - available only for receipts that have been matched with SAP transactions, the date of the credit card transactions
  • Sweep Date - Date on which the credit card transaction for the receipt will be/was swept.
  • Cardholder – the name of the person for whom the receipt was submitted. For cardholders, this will be their name.
  • Amount - available only for receipts that have been matched with SAP transactions, the amount of the credit card transactions
  • Status – the present workflow status of the receipt.
  • Vendor - available only for receipts that have been matched with SAP transactions, the vendor on the expense.

Enter your criteria and click the Search and the system displays all matching receipts in the displayed view. Click Reset to clear the search and restore the unfiltered list of receipts.

Return to PCard Receipt Capture for Cardholders topics page.

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April 23, 2016

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