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HR Terminations

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
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Termination Processing Checklist

To ensure accuracy and avoid delays in the transaction processing, be sure to gather all data you need before initiating a termination transaction in Atlas.

  • Confirm the reason for the termination with the individual
  • Request confirmation of address for W-2 purposes. Request the individual go into Atlas to make any needed address change.
  • Ensure any MIT equipment is returned, or get quote from property office if purchasing equipment
  • Review outstanding credit card or travel card reimbursements or need for receipts
  • Ask SRS and Postdoctoral Associates to update vacation via My SRS Vacation Tracker
  • Request administrative vacation balance from the DLC Initiator - Support and Service will automatically pay

Creating a Termination Request

  1. In Atlas select Termination/Retirement from the Faculty and Staff Appointments Group.
  2. The Search for a person page will display. Begin typing the last name or MIT ID of the person. Note: You will only be able to search for employees in your area of authority.
  3. Select the employee from the pull-down list once it is displayed.
  4. Click the Continue button.
  5. On the next screen, enter the termination details. Use the calendar dropdown to select the termination date. Enter other dates only if different from the Termination Date.
    If the termination date is in the past, you will see a warning about a possible pay adjustment. If you enter a date for Cancel Roles Auths that is more than 30 days AFTER the Termination Date, you will be required to enter an explanation.

    If the termination is future dated, you will receive a the following warning: Vacation days to be paid may not be accurate as of future termination date. Please contact HR-payroll at or 617-253-4255 with questions.

  6. Verify that the forwarding address details for the employee are current.
  7. Choose a termination type and reason. It is important that termination reasons are accurate. Please see the definitions on the HR website
    If the employee is age 55, with 10 years of retirement eligible service over age 45, you will see a warning message and should contact the Benefits Office at or 617-253-6151 about retirement eligibility.

  8. Answer the rehire/reappoint question.
    • If No or Contact HRO before review, email your HRO with details.
  9. After entering all required information on the page, click Continue.
  10. On the next page, confirm all of the details of the Termination request. If needed, use the Go Back link to correct any information.
  11. Enter any additional email addresses into the Send Termination Notifications section at the bottom of this page.
  12. Click Submit to complete the Termination Request.
  13. You will see a confirmation message that you have submitted the request. Click the add an attachment link if you have supporting documentation to add to this request. Note: This will display for Initiators only. If you have approver status, the termination will go directly to HR Payroll for processing.

Viewing a Termination Request

You will only be able to search Termination Transactions within your authority.
  1. In Atlas select View HR Transactions from the Faculty and Staff Appointments Group.
  2. The Search for a Transaction page appears. Enter search criteria into one or more of the available fields.
    • If you know the transaction number, this is the fastest way to view the transaction, and all you need to enter.
    • If you don't have the transaction number, enter other search criteria as known. Note: Effective Date is the same as the Termination Date.
  3. Click the search button. Transactions that match the search criteria will display in table format below the search fields.
    • Use the up and down arrows next to column headings to change the sort order.
    • Status column may display Pending Approval/Processing, Processed, or Rejected.
  4. Click a Transaction number to view the details.

Termination Approval, Status and History

This section applies to approvers only.
  1. In Atlas select HR Transaction Inbox from the Faculty and Staff Appointments Group.
  2. Active transactions will display at the top of the page in a table format. The lower part of the page will display a 30-day history of transactions you initiated or approved that have been processed in SAP.
    • Use the up and down arrows next to column headings to change the sort order.
    • Status column for the Active transactions many display Pending Approval, or Pending Processing by Service Center.
  3. To Approve or Reject a transaction that is Pending Approval, click on the Transaction number to view the details.
  4. On the next page, review the details of the Termination, and choose the Accept or Reject button at the bottom of the page.
    • If rejecting, you must enter notes for the person who prepared the Termination.
    • Notes are not allowed if you Approve.
  5. To Cancel a termination you initiated, it must have a Pending Approval status. From the Inbox, click on the trashcan symbol next to the Transaction number. Cancelling a transaction will delete it from all Inboxes.

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December 21, 2015

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