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Find JVs

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
You can access Atlas at

To display a JV, open a JV you created in My JVs or use the Find JVs tab to search for a journal voucher.

Journal Vouchers: Find JVs

How Find JVs Works

Enter the search criteria for the JV you wish to find. You can enter a single value or a range of values. The fastest way to find and open a JV to search by its Document Number.Display a journal vouchers from Find JVs and review all of the content, including attachments.

Search Criteria

The Find JV default search criteria will display results of

  • any JV type
  • all JV statuses
  • Company Code CUR
  • all document types
  • the current posting period

In addition to the criteria above, you can enter a cost object, g/l account, fiscal year range, document number, or a submitter to filter results. Select reset to restore the default search criteria and clear entered values.

The image below displays the default search criteria along with a search by Kerberos ID.

Journal Vouchers: Find JVs search by Kerberos ID


  • Use Find JV to find a document of SA, FY, SC, or SI type.
  • If a JV is too old to review from My JVs, search in Find JVs.
  • If you try to enter search criteria, like a document number, and the expected results don't display, check to make sure the default search criteria isn't narrowing the search!
  • Draft JVs will not display with results from Find JVs.
  • Print using your browser if you would like to print a copy of a journal voucher or a list of journal voucher results from a Find JVs search.
  • Use Find JVs to display any submitted JV.
  • You cannot edit a journal voucher from here unless you display a journal voucher submitted by and returned to you.
  • Select back under the document number to return to the Find JVs screen after viewing a journal voucher.

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February 06, 2015

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