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Direct Deposit Preferences

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
You can access Atlas at

This application is used for Payroll Direct Deposit, Expense Reimbursements, and Email Settings. The changes made in this application take effect in your next pay period or, for reimbursements, the next business day. You will receive an email confirmation when these items are changed.

Note: To protect your personal data, this application includes an additional security check. Please see Personal Information Security for more information.

Payroll Direct Deposit

Set up an Account

Please allow 24-48 hours after creating your kerberos/user account to access this site. The site will not be available until then.

Setting up a Direct Deposit account allows MIT to send your paychecks directly to your bank. To set this up all you need is your account type (checking or savings), routing number and account number. If you are editing a bank account and do not have to change the financial institution, you do not need to change the bank routing number. When you enter the bank routing number, it will be validated by the system. If after validating your routing number, the name of your bank does not display below Bank Name, verify that the bank routing number is correct. If the bank routing number is correct and the bank name associated with that number does not display next to Bank Name, contact HR/Payroll at or 617-253-4255 and provide them with your bank's name and routing number.

Contact your financial institution directly for your account number if you have any questions. Please do not enter the check number along with your bank account number. The check number is the number at the far right on the bottom of your check. Note that it is the same as the check number at top, right.

Important: This account will also be saved as your Expense Reimbursement account. After saving, you can change it in the Expense Reimbursement section below.

Note: You can also allocate a portion of your paycheck to an additional account.

Add an Additional Account

If an Additional Account is defined, payroll funds will be transferred into the additional account based upon the Contribution indicated, and the remainder will be transferred into the main direct deposit account. If the additional account contribution is equal to or greater than your net pay, no funds will be transferred to your main account. The maximum percent you can enter for percent contribution is 100%, in which case all funds will be transferred to the additional account. This account can also be defined as the account used for expense reimbursements.

Note: Two accounts can be defined for direct deposit but only one account may be used for expense reimbursements at a time.

Expense Reimbursements

Reimbursements may be for travel or MIT expenses you have paid out of your own pocket. The Expense Reimbursement account may have defaulted from selecting the box for a direct deposit account to be used as the expense reimbursement account. The payment method for expense reimbursements preferences can be bank transfer or check. If HR/Payroll has payroll direct deposit information on file for you, this field will be pre-set to Direct Deposit.
Campus employees and students may request to receive reimbursements via paper check by selecting Check and pressing Save. For Lincoln Laboratory employees, all reimbursements are via direct deposit, so the Check option will not be displayed.

Bank Transfer
In order to deposit expense reimbursements via a bank transfer, an already defined main account or additional account can be selected from the drop down or a new account may be entered.

If you select Check as the payment method, you can select a mailing address, either work or home, from the addresses currently on file in HR/Payroll. Employees may update their addresses on Atlas About Me under Personal Information. Students can update their address via WEBSIS.

For Lincoln Laboratory employees: reimbursement preferences are also used for payment of travel advances and all reimbursements are via direct deposit - the check delivery address option is not displayed

Note: Expense Reimbursement preferences can be defined even if the direct deposit preferences are not defined.

Email Settings

From the Direct Deposit Preferences page, you can update the email setting to notify you via email when a salary payment is made.

If your expense reimbursement is defined as a bank transfer, you can also define if you will be notified via email when a reimbursement payment is made. A Payment Advice attached to the email will provide an explanation of the reimbursement. Choose Yes if you wish to receive email notifications. Please note that Lincoln Laboratory employees already receive an automatic email notification when a reimbursement is made. Therefore, the Reimbursement Notification option is not displayed for Lincoln employees.

Note: These settings can also be defined at the bottom of the Settings and Authorizations page

If the Expense Reimbursement preference selected is "Check" and not "Bank Transfer" the reimbursement email notification setting will not display.

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