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Create a Journal Voucher

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
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Create a Journal Voucher

Access the Journal Vouchers application and you will land on the My JV tab. Select the Create New button to create a JV.

Journal Vouchers: Create New

1. Step 1

Specify if this is a JV upload. If yes, you can upload a completed Excel template. For JV uploads, you must create a general JV.

Journal Vouchers: JV Upload Yes

Why are you creating a JV?
Choose the category of JV you would like to create. Some categories require you to select a specific type as well.

Journal Vouchers: Create JV

  • Expense (Cost) Transfer
    -Specify the Expense type for your Expense (Cost) Transfer JV. Choose between Meeting, Membership/Subscription, and Other
  • Revenue Transfer
    -Enter the Original Transaction Date for your Revenue Transfer JV
  • Cashiers Deposits (NEW CATEGORY)
    -Answer Yes to "Have you already deposited your check?"
    -Select Location/Department Name
  • Internal Billing
    -Specify type (insurance, membership/subscriptions, or other) and service date
  • General
    -Specify type (record project overrun, account for cost sharing, account for underrecovery, move a swept charge, correct a typo, or other) and the original transaction date

Select the Company Code and Posting Date. The Posting Date defaults to today's date. The corresponding type (SA or FY) and JV period will display beside the Posting Date you enter. SA is for a current journal voucher created during fiscal periods 1-12. FY is for a closing journal voucher created during fiscal periods 13-16. The JV Type (Header Text) and Company Code cannot be edited once you continue to Step 2.

2. Create JV (Step 2 of 3)

Note:You can save or cancel the Journal Voucher using the icons at the top right of the page.

Journal Vouchers: Create JV Step 2

Enter line item information and applicable text. By default, two line items display.

Adding Lines
Different JV types have different line items.
NEW FEATURE: You can add multiple lines at a time. Add 1, 5, or 10 lines to your JV.

Options for Adding Lines

  • Add a 'To' (debit) line for Cost Transfer JVs.
  • Add a 'From' (debit) or Add a 'To' (credit) line for Revenue Transfer JVs.
  • Add a 'From' (debit) or Add a 'To' (credit) line for Cashiers Deposits JVs.
  • Add a 'Provider' (credit) or Add a 'Customer' (debit) line for Internal Billing JVs.
  • Add a Line for General JVs.

If a line item is added and left blank, it will be automatically removed when you continue to Review (Step 3)

Removing Lines

You can remove lines when drafting a JV. Once a JV is submitted and rejected, lines cannot be removed. They will display as blank.
Note: When creating a journal voucher, the deleted lines are erased. When changing a submitted and rejected journal voucher, the deleted line items remain, but their amounts are set to zero dollars.

You can add/remove lines one at a time.

Copying a Line
NEW FEATURE: You can copy a line by selecting the icon depicting three dots at the end of the line.

Required Fields

You are required to enter Details for all JVs. This explanatory text will record the purpose for the JV. You can also paste an email in this field.

Depending on the JV, additional required fields will display below the line items. Each JV type has associated required fields and some required fields are dynamic and will display depending on what is entered. For example, you may have to enter a list of attendees for a Cost Transfer/Meeting JV or answer if the JV is a partial transfer.

Optional Attachment
To add supplementary material, you may attach a file to your JV. The attachment will be available during the approval process and will remain attached to the JV historically.

Note: Make sure that the debit and credit amounts balance to zero before completing the journal voucher.

After completing Step 2, Save Draft and Exit or Continue to Step 3.

Review (Step 3 of 3)

Journal Vouchers: Review JV Step 3

Submit, Save Draft and Exit, or select the back button to return to Step 2 and Edit JV

From Review (Step 3 of 3) you can delete the JV or go back to the previous step to the *Edit JV screen.

Note:You can delete the Journal Voucher using the icon at the top right of the page.

Once a JV is submitted, you will see a confirmation message with the JV's document number.

Journal Vouchers: Create JV Success Message

Note: If you want to be notified by email whenever your journal vouchers are approved or rejected, you can subscribe to Email Notifications in your Settings.

JV Upload

  • Upload an XLSX format excel sheet to create a JV and automatically populate line items and details.
  • You don't have to remove the header in the excel file.
  • You don't have to save as a windows text file format
    Firefox is the recommended browser for uploading a JV in Atlas.

Clone and Reverse Journal Vouchers

  • The clone and reverse functions display when they are applicable. For more information on cloning and reversing JVs, please review the Clone JV and Reverse JV articles.

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