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Q: How can I renew my certificate as a Lincoln Laboratory employee?

Lincoln Laboratory employees can get certificates using their Lincoln ID username and Lincoln password


  • MIT personal web certificates
  • Annual certificate renewal or getting certificates for the first time
  • MIT Lincoln Laboratories


1. If you have not yet spoken with the Lincoln Help Desk

  • Lincoln Laboratory has created an authentication page for Lincoln employees, which relies on the Lincoln ID login and Lincoln password.
  • There is no need for a Kerberos username or password!
  • This page is available from the Lincoln Lab network.
Get help from the Lincoln Laboratory Help Desk
If you have any questions, please contact the Lincoln Lab Help Desk directly at 781-981-4357 or

1.1 Detailed steps to click through to the Lincoln Lab certificate page

You must be at Lincoln Lab, on the Lincoln Lab network to follow these steps. These are useful if you are following along or helping someone follow along.

1. Starting at the Lincoln Lab Intranet Home page follow the sequence:
Services > Information Services > Enterprise Computing (close to the bottom of the page) > Accounts and Access > MIT Personal Certificates
Lincoln Lab Intranet

2. You should now be at the Lincoln Laboratory MIT Certificate Page.

...which should look like this:

Lincoln Lab campus certificates page example 1

2. Select the option Renew My MIT Personal Certificate or Obtain My MIT Campus Certificate (first time).

If you are renewing your certificate, log in with your Lincoln ID and Password on this page:

Login prompt with Lincoln credentials

3. Don't forget to quit and relaunch the browser before testing.

1.2 Important browser information

Certificate renewal from Lincoln Laboratory has been tested on the Firefox web browser, which is the recommended browser at Lincoln Laboratory. Other browsers, such as Internet Explorer or Safari, may require additional steps to use with certificate renewal, and Lincoln Laboratory recommends you get certificates in Firefox instead.

2. If you have already spoken with the Lincoln Laboratory Help Desk

2.1 Option 1: If you have not yet tried the Lincoln Laboratory authentication page

  • Follow the instructions in section 1, either via the link or the step-by-step click-through guide.

2.2 Option 2: If you have already tried the Lincoln Laboratory authentication page

If you are receiving an error on the Lincoln Laboratory authentication page and need to fall back to using your central Kerberos username and password, you can walk through the standard (main MIT campus) steps for getting a certificate with your Kerberos username and password here.

You will need to know:

  1. Your Kerberos username
  2. Your Kerberos password

If you do not remember your Kerberos password, you can reset it if you still have an old, non-expired web certificate from here. If that doesn't work, you will need to reset your Kerberos password through the MIT Main Campus User Accounts office. Look at this as a last resort, as doing so if you are not on campus is a somewhat convoluted procedure. It's probably a lot easier to get your certificate using your Lincoln Laboratory username and password as outlined in section 1 above, and then use your certificate to reset your Kerberos password.

If you do decide to reset your Kerberos password through the Main Campus User Accounts office, please see How do I contact MIT Kerberos Accounts? for contact information.

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June 04, 2019

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