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Q: How can I install additional software or packages on Debathena?

Faculty and Academic Staff
If you are a faculty member or other academic staff who has specific software needs for an upcoming course, please contact to discuss your options.


You can search for packages by using the command:

apt-cache search searchterm

Where searchterm is related to what you are looking for.


After you find the name of the package that you want to install, you can do so by typing:

sudo apt-get install packagename

You will then be prompted for a password.

On a personal workstation you installed yourself, you should be the root user when you install. If you created a root user, you can log in as root and use the root password. If you didn't but have a user account with sudo privileges, you should sudo to root as above using that account's password.

On all other workstations, contact the system administrator or your local IT department to gain authorization to install packages.

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July 23, 2021

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