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Q: How can I participate in Web-Based Training (WBT)?


Web-Based Training, or WBT, is a type of electronic learning available within the MIT Learning Center. You can enroll, launch, and complete the WBT any time.

To enroll in a WBT:

  1. Find the course you wish to take via the course catalog.
    Note: If this is an EHS Training, navigate to My Profile and select My EHS Training Needs. After completing the training needs assessment, the web-based versions of courses will be offered in "My Required Training".
  2. Click on the course to get to the Course Details Screen.
  3. Click the Start Course button to enroll and launch the course. Click on the View Course (Not for Credit) link to launch the course and view the material.
    Result: You will receive a confirmation that the eLearning course has been booked and you will see a Start or Continue Course button. The course will also appear in your course bookings under the My Course Bookings and Prebookings tab on the My Training link.
    Course details screen

  4. You are now ready to participate in the WBT at your convenience. Please remember to allow pop-ups on your internet browser.
  5. The WBT course will be loaded in a separate window. You can then navigate through the course on your own time. Please note that the WBT navigational buttons will appear in different places depending on the WBT and the web browser you are using.
  6. Once you have completed the course, or if you need to leave the course before completion, click the Log Off button.
  7. The WBT window will close and you will receive a message on the Course Details Screen that your progress has been updated. If you have completed the course, it will now appear in your training history via the My Training History tab on the My Training link.
  8. To continue a previously started WBT, click on the course on the My Bookings and Prebookings tab on the My Training link.
  9. Once you have completed the WBT, there may be a course evaluation to be completed. If so, you will see Complete Course Evaluation button. Click this button to complete the evaluation.

To cancel a WBT, find the course on the My Bookings and Prebookings tab on the My Training link. You can cancel it via the Cancel link on this tab, or by going into the Course Details and clicking on the Cancel Current Attempt link. Once you have canceled from the WBT, all progress will be lost.

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May 05, 2016

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