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Which ports are blocked or allowed by the firewall on MIT GUEST wireless network?

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The MIT GUEST network is intended for visitor and guest access. Devices on the MIT GUEST network will be assigned an address outside of MIT's standard 18.x.x.x class A address block. (Network addresses on MIT GUEST will begin with 10.189.x.x.)

Blocked ports and address ranges

The following services are blocked:

  • Network printing (ports 515 and 631)
  • Some Java Tomcat applications (ports 8080 and 8443)
  • Pharos Student Printing and Pharos Popup Client (port 28212)
  • CrashPlan/Code42 installation (auto-detecting license and server information)
  • SAP eLearning ("MIT Learning Center") training portal accessed via Atlas
  • Comcast IP TV pilot (requires 18.x.x.x network address)
  • Unauthentic SMTP (port 25)

The list above is not comprehensive.

Allowed ports

A general list of allowed ports on the MIT GUEST wireless network can be found below. Ports not listed below will be blocked by the firewall.

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November 16, 2023

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