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How large an attachment can be sent to Request Tracker (RT)?

  • How large an attachment can be sent to Request Tracker (RT)?
  • How big a file can I send to RT?
  • Why is my attachment in an RT ticket truncated?
  • Why is the picture in my RT ticket cut off?


  • Request Tracker (RT) on
  • Attachments in RT tickets


  • The current message size limit remains 2 MB (two megabytes). This is the maximum allowed size for a message, including encoded attachments.
  • Files (including image files) that are larger will be dropped and an error message will appear in the ticket.
  • You will still see a list of attachments in the ticket so you know what files were dropped and can request they be sent to an alternate address, or shared via Dropbox

This limit is in place because RT stores attachments in the database as objects, and with a very large instance like ours, overly large attachments can cause system-wide problems and issues with service stability.

MIT offers several other tools designed for robust file sharing and exchange, such as Dropbox, that can be used as alternatives to sending them via email.

If this size limit is a serious problem for your work please tell us why by reporting it to the Tooltime Team at

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July 28, 2021

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