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How do I prevent other users from locating me?

Zephyr allows you to have various exposure levels, in other words, you control whether or not people can zlocate you. To set an exposure level you need to set a variable from within zctl (Zephyr control program). To set your exposure use:

	zctl set exposure <exposure level>

where the <exposure level> can be one of the following:

  • net-announced: anyone can zlocate you or receive notification when you log in
  • net-visible: anyone can zlocate you but your login is only announced to those within the Athena realm.
  • realm-announced: only users who have been authenticated with Kerberos can zlocate you and can receive notification when you login
  • realm-visible: only users who have been authenticated with Kerberos can zlocate you; your login is not announced
  • opstaff: only members of Athena operations staff can find you
  • none: no one can find you or zwrite you, and your login is not announced.
    Note: This option disables Zephyr completely. You will not receive Zephyrgrams if you set your exposure to none.

You have the option to hide during your login session without resetting your Zephyr variables. To do this type:

	zctl hide

To become visible again type:

	zctl unhide

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April 10, 2011

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