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How do I change the default font for Zephyrgrams?

Some users have noticed that Zephyr fonts on Debathena are larger than they were under Athena 9. This issue is being investigated with the upstream Zephyr developers, but in the meantime, you can add the following line to your ~/.Xresources file to reduce the size:
zwgc*fontfamily.default.medium.roman:     -adobe-courier-medium-r-*-120-75-75-m-*

If you want to change the default font that is used when displaying zephyrgrams, you need to include the following line in your .Xresources file:

	zwgc*style*substyle.default.fontfamily:		times

This would use "times" as the default font. You can use one of the predefined fonts: times, helvetica, or courier (which is the Athena default) – Or, if you have defined your own fontfamilies in your .Xresources file, you can use one of those names.

Of course, once you have changed your .Xresources file, you will have to reload the X Resource DataBase manager by typing:

	xrdb  ~/.Xresources

and then you'd have to kill and restart your zwgc in order to see the new fonts (or just wait until next time you log in).

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