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Why does Zephyr think I'm logged on somewhere when I'm not?

If you zlocate yourself and get many locations reported back, that does not necessarily mean that you are logged on at all those locations. When you run zephyr and log out, sometimes, if the zephyr server is very busy, it does not receive the notice that you logged out and thus thinks that you are still there. This happens especially with the dialup machines.

To fix this, you can tell the zephyr server to forget all the locations where you are, and then to just remember the one where you are at currently. So type:

	zctl flush_locs

to get rid of all of your locations. If you zlocate yourself now, you will get no answer. If you wish your current location to be visible again, type:

	zctl unhide

For more information on the Zephyr control program, see the man page on zctl.

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April 16, 2017

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