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Q: How do I edit who has access to my space?

  • How do I edit who has access to my space?


  • Confluence space on
  • Giving a group or individual access to a space on
  • Navigating the Browse interface in Confluence


While navigating the page your are setting up permissions for, look for a link titled Browse. This link can be in different places depending on the theme applied to your space. Here are a few screenshots of what the link might look like:

Default Theme Clickr Theme Left Navigation Theme MIT Standard Theme

The link might be found in the top right on a top nav bar, in a left-hand navigation bar, or in the page footer depending on your applied Theme.

  1. Click on the Browse link
  2. Find the Space Admin" link (note that on some themes you can jump there directly, but in most you need to go to *Browse Space first, and then click on Space Admin
  3. On the Space Admin page, click on Permissions (looks like this: ) in the left-hand navigation bar
  4. Use the Permissions page to add users or groups to the list of people who have access to your space

NOTE: In order for the user to be added (found) they need to have logged into previously otherwise the user(s) will not be visible to the Admin within the space.

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  1. Nov 26, 2013

    I just figured out that the way to give someone permission to add events to my Wiki's calendar was by granting Add rights under Blog permissions. Maybe others would also find that info helpful, since it isn't obvious.

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