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What parts of VoIP can I administer myself?


  • MITvoip voice over IP telephone service
  • Owner of a particular MITvoip phone number with authorizations to administer it

NOTE: Most of this article applies to individual users/owners of MITvoip numbers, not departmental IT colleagues and administrators who have authorizations to administer a larger number of MITvoip numbers in their department. However, may of these steps are the same for owners and administrators. In addition, the transferring of authorizations applies only to departmental IT colleagues with those authorizations. This is briefly explaned below, but for more detail please look at:

  • [How can I transfer a VoIP phone to a new person?]


What owners currently cannot update themselves

  • The "person name" that is set within the Sylantro portal

What owners can check and update themselves

    Sufficient authorizations are important for access to the Sylantro web portal. As the owner/primary user of an MITvoip account you can verify your authorizations to make sure you have the access you need.
    • You can look up your Roles Database authorizations at using the "My authorizations" link
    • Do this and verify that you have "Do function" privileges for the function "ADMIN TELEPHONES BY PHONE NO." in the category "TNET" with the qualifier code set to the phone number you are trying to change the PIN for
  • MITvoip Web Interface settings
    Go to and select your phone number from the "Accounts:" pop-up menu, then click the "Login" button.
    • MITvoip Console: Allows you to listen to and delete voicemail messages, determine how incoming calls to your number get routed, and place new calls and conference calls.
    • Voicemail Settings: Allows you to manage your voicemail preferences, change your PIN, and manage your greetings.
    • Notification Settings: Allows you to set email notifications and delivery for new voicemail messages.
    • What's my PIN? Allows you look up your voicemail password/PIN in case you have forgotten it.
  • Self-management Web Site, /
    Allows you to change basic settings about your account, configure your device (phone), add additional owners to your account to give them access (for example, your assistant or departmental IT person), and reconfigure which phone numbers appear on your device.

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