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Q: How do I merge tickets in Request Tracker?



To merge a ticket into another ticket:

  1. Open up the ticket to be merged into another ticket
  2. Click on Links in the navigation bar along the top-right of the screen just under the search box.
  3. In the Merge into: text box, enter the ticket number of the ticket into which the open ticket is to be merged
  4. Click Save Changes

Please note that this involves an update to both tickets, so you must have update permissions for each ticket. In the Help Desk:: queues, this means:

  • You must own the ticket to be merged
  • The "merge into" ticket must either be unowned or owned by you
  • You cannot merge into a ticket currently owned by someone else

If you do not have permission to modify the "merge into" ticket you will see a "permission denied" message when you use the Save Changes button.

Be Careful!
Once you merge tickets, they can only be unmerged by having an RT admin go into the mysql database and doing a manual edit.

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July 26, 2017

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