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Resetting Kerberos Password & DUO Relax for Lincoln Laboratory Employees

Lincoln Laboratory staff can reset their Kerberos password with a two-step process:

  1. Get a MIT personal certificate using your Lincoln ID (instead of your Kerberos ID)
  2. Use the certificate to reset your Kerberos password
  3. Use DUO "push" to reset your Kerberos password

1. Get a certificate using their Lincoln ID

How can I renew my certificate as a Lincoln Laboratory employee? This can only be accessed from computers at Lincoln Labs.

2. Use the certificate to reset your Kerberos password

Once you have a certificate, you can reset it on the standard MIT password web page: or with duo

Other options

If there are problems with resetting the password or a DUO relax, you can contact the Lincoln Laboratory Technology Group at 781-981-4357 or, or you can contact IS&T's User Accounts office.

Due to the difficulty of verifying users' identities at Lincoln Lab, the staff at the Workforce Service Center, WSC, will be allowed to verify a user in person on our behalf. They will notify us that the user was properly verified, and we should record who did the verification in the ticket.

The list of people allowed at LL WSC ( to verify users is:

  • D. Mark Sprague -
  • Colleen Campbell -
  • Patricia Shwab -
  • Kerrie Bunton -
  • Jaimie Whichelow -
  • Derek Huang -
  • Joy Roy
  • Chris Cavalieri

The WSC has also indicated that anyone on this list also has the authority to request to have new authorizing members added.

Additionally, per an August 2020 conversation between Kyle Filipe (Director, IS&T Support Services) and Jonathan Pizzi (LL Sector lead for Customer Service), the following individuals are also authorized to verify identity by proxy for password and Duo resets by IS&T:

Clear, Brandon -
Feezor, William -
Gibson, Christopher -
Haggerty, Adam -
Holman, Levi -
Listen, Michael -
Pizzi, Jonathan -
Read, David -
Robertson, Tracy -
Wiesig, Brian -

What to do if you are working remote for Lincoln Laboratory due to Self-isolation.

If you are working at home due self isolation because of the Corvid-19 outbreak, you are welcome to follow the steps found in the "Contact the Service Desk from Off Campus" section of the Knowledge Base I forgot my password, can I have it reset? 

If you Request your Password reset in this way, do not provide your Lincoln Laboratory ID Card when sending a photo. Instead use a personal ID such as your MIT ID card, Passport, Drivers ID, etc.... This method should only be used off of Lincoln Laboratory's campus. If you are on the Lincoln Laboratory campus, Please visit the WSC instead if you are unable to self recover your password. 

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May 14, 2021

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