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How do I import or transfer course materials from a previous course site into the current one?

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Note: the steps on this page apply to Classic Stellar courses only. If you are importing to or from a Learning Modules (LMOD) site, please refer to the instructions in the Learning Modules documentation here.

Since a new class website must be created for each new semester, class materials can be copied from any other Stellar website as long as the person has INSTRUCTOR or ADMINISTRATOR level access to the older course site. Documents on the copy-from site that were posted on the class schedule do not carry their date to the copy-to site. Similarly, assignments do not carry a due date.

See also: Importing Class Content from a Previous Stellar Website in the Stellar User Guide.

To import content from another site

  1. Log in to your Stellar site.
  2. In your new class website, click Website Settings on the navigation bar and then Import Content.
    Note: The system compiles a list of the class websites and keeps a running tally of the number of sites and can take few minutes to load.
  3. On the Import page, select the class from which to copy content and click Submit. The Import page lists class materials for that class and controls for specifying how to copy content and settings to the new class website.
    • The list of sites from which to import is sorted numerically by course number. Project sites without a site number are included at the top of the list.
    • To find your previous project site more quickly, add a "course number", which may be as simple as duplicating the course name.
  4. Choose a destination for imported documents on the new website – do you want the new site to have the same topic outline as the one you are copying from? Or do you want to copy all content into a single topic (existing or new) on the new site?
  5. Choose the documents to copy. You can check particular documents or use the Select All button.
  6. Click Import when ready.

To give imported documents new dates and/or add them to the Schedule

  1. On the copy-to website, click Materials.
  2. On the Materials page, click the Edit link next to an imported document.
  3. On the Edit Document page, go to the Schedule section and choose a new date.
  4. Check the box to post on the schedule.
  5. Click Submit.

To give imported assignments new due dates and/or add them to the Schedule

  1. On the copy-to website, click Homework.
  2. On the Homework page, click the Edit link next to an imported assignment.
  3. On the Edit Assignment page, go to the Dates section and choose new dates.
  4. Check the box to post on the schedule.
  5. Click Submit.

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