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How can I access remote learning at home if where I'm staying doesn't have internet?


Eduroam is a secure, worldwide WiFi roaming for the research and education community. Your MIT Kerberos ID gives you access to eduroam. Check to see if you can access an Eduroam network (called "eduroam") and login with your MIT email address and MIT Kerberos ID password.

For more information on Eduroam and connecting, see the Eduroam Landing Page

Keep Americans Connected Options

Many internet and telecom service providers (as part of the FCC's "Keep Americans Connected Program") have pledged to offer free or discounted access to the internet or increased data allowances to ensure you can get online to keep in touch with your friends and pursue your education. If you can see a hotspot from where you're currently staying, you may be able to access it for free through this program. Many also offer additional data on cell plans and discounted residential products.

Contact your cell provider and current location's internet provider(s) for more information. The following links to information for major providers are not exhaustive.

For a full list of participating service providers to find out if any are located near you see:

Provider Program Announcements

Make Your Own Hotspot

You can create your own hotspot using your phone or tablet and cellular data plan. It may not be as robust as a full connection, but it may be sufficient to keep you in touch and able to complete your course work.

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April 08, 2020

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