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Q: When I open a workbook on Tableau Server, I get an "Authenticating to Oracle" prompt. What do I do?


  • When opening a Tableau workbook on Tableau Server that connects to a database (e.g., the MIT Data Warehouse), you will be prompted to authenticate to the database.
    Oracle Authentication prompt
  • Depending on the database, the "Authenticate with" button may say "Oracle" or some other data source type (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server or FileMaker).


  1. Click Authenticate with ....
    A window will pop-up prompting you to sign in. At the top of the The Username will be filled in with the person who published the workbook.
  2. Replace the existing username with the one you use for the Server listed.
    Sign In screen
    • For example, for the MIT Data Warehouse, enter your Kerberos username.
    • If you do not know your username for the data source, contact the publisher of workbook.
  3. Enter your password for the Server listed, and click Sign In.

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