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How can I begin to use DocuSign?

For MIT faculty, staff, students and affiliates, your DocuSign account will be automatically created when you access Docusign.

To automatically create your DocuSign account:

  • Access DocuSign Must be on campus or using VPN.
  • In the Email field, enter your MIT email address. The email address should be
    NOTE: If you have another email address, such as,,, do not use this address. Be sure to use your email address.
  • Hit tab or Return on your keyboard. The password field will then grey out, and you will be prompted to “Click next to validate your corporate credentials.”
  • Click Next. The Touchstone login page will be displayed.
  • Authenticate to Touchstone using your MIT certificate or with your Kerberos username and password.

NOTE: If you enter your address into the username field and are not automatically directed to the MIT Touchstone login page, contact the IS&T Service Desk for assistance.

Special Note: MIT maintains strict controls on signing authority, such that only certain persons at the Institute are allowed and have the authority to sign contracts and other documents that legally bind the Institute. If in the course of your work at MIT you are asked by someone, inside or outside the Institute, to sign a contract or legal document, you should contact the Office of the General Counsel to determine if you have appropriate authority. Last, you should not use DocuSign to countersign a contract or legal document that purports to be binding on the Institute, even if you have sent it out for signature through DocuSign, without first checking to see if you have authority to do so.

  • Users who have previously received an invitation to activate a DocuSign account for their email address (for example, from a realtor), but have not yet activated the account, may not be successfully directed to the Touchstone login page. They should contact the IS&T Service Desk for assistance.
  • Service Desk or IS&T Field Support consultants should use the following article to escalate the issue: [For Service Desk Staff - How can I begin to use DocuSign?]

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June 03, 2020

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