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"Vendor number is not valid" error when trying to create an RFP

There are two common reasons for this error:

  • If you are an active student
    If you are an active student, and are receiving this error, one common reason is that there is a current or former block on your record at the Student Financial Services Office or the Registrar's Office.
    • If your record was previously blocked, and has been recently unblocked, contact the Accounts Payable Office, at, so that they can make an adjustment to your SAP record, to allow you to create a request for reimbursement.
  • If you are a Lincoln Laboratory Employee
    Lincoln Laboratory employees can not use the Altas/Sap system for reimbursement. Lincoln labs has their own reimbursement process. They should contact their AO or Financial person for assistance.

More advanced information

Per our conversation with the Accounts Payable Office, below is an explanation of the issue, and of the steps needed to resolve it.

  • The student currently has, or has at some point had a block placed on their record in MITSIS by the Registrar's Office or by Student Financial Services.
  • That block gets fed to SAP, and causes a terminated status in the SAP pernr and a block on the SAP vendor record for the student.
  • In cases where the student continues to have an active status, and the issue at the Registrar's Office or Student Financial Services is resolved, the block will be removed in MITSIS, but that unblocking will not be fed to SAP. A manual change must be made to the SAP record in order for the student to be found as an MIT payee.
  • Steps to take in order for the student to be found in RFP as an MIT payee:
    • The Payroll Office, Darren Scartissi or Mae Jones, need to unblock the SAP pernr. After validating with Registrar's Office or Student Financial Services, Accounts Payable can ask the Payroll team to make this change.
    • The Procurement team needs to remove a blodk on the vendor ID for the student. Accounts Payable can ask Procurement to make this change to the record.

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January 14, 2016

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