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Close Purchase Orders screen - what authorizations are needed?

NOTE: For information on how to use the Close Purchase Orders screen, see [archive:Close Purchase Orders]

  • In order to close a Purchase Order, two authorizations are needed: CAN SPEND OR COMMIT authorization is needed for the cost object(s) to which the Purchase Order assigns the charge(s). In addition, the user must have requisition approver authorization for at least one cost object. It is not necessary to have requisition approver authorization for the cost object(s) used in the PO.
  • If a user has Can Spend or Commit authorization on only some of the line items in the Purchase Order that is entered, only those line items will be closed. Line items of the PO for which the user does not have Can Spend or Commit authorization will remain unchanged.
  • For questions about closing out a purchase order, send an email to

More information

  • The actual authorizations needed are CAN SPEND OR COMMIT for the cost object to which the charge is assigned and the SAP role Z_PR_S_WEB_CHNG_PO_4_APPROVERS. Z_PR_S_WEB_CHNG_PO_4_APPROVERS is automatically added when any requisition approver authorization is added.

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