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Our Organization

IS&T provides information technology (IT) systems and services that support MIT’s education, research, and administrative programs. While working to modernize these systems, IS&T is also collaborating with faculty, staff, and students on innovative IT services to meet the diverse needs of the MIT community.

The focus is now on “platform-based” models designed to create and connect ecosystems of diverse participants as producers and consumers of services. Our goal is to leverage application programming interfaces (APIs) to help faculty create new systems for teaching and research; students to securely create new applications; and staff to feel better supported while also being able to develop applications that address specific needs.

The department’s new operating model, based on agile, iterative experimentation, is central to enabling these IT innovations and improved administrative systems. To find out more about IS&T’s transformation and current proof-of-concept projects, visit the Future of IT@MIT website.

Here is our Organizational Chart


These are the landing pages for our services. They explain details about the services and contain links to relevant troubleshooting processes, frequently asked questions and other related kb articles.

Service Landing page(s) Department Short Description Keywords
Accounts Kerberos Account Password Reset Central Service Kerberos is an authentication system used to prove your identity to servers and systems. Includes account activation, deactivation, sponsored accounts, and password changes. kerberos, accounts, access, collaboration, passwords
Atlas Atlas Landing Page
Central Service MIT administrative and business application portal. administrative, admin systems, portal, SAP, purchasing
Certificates Certificates Landing Page

Central Service
MIT certificate authority and personal certificates for authentication to MIT services. certificates, authentication, accounts, personal, collaboration, touchstone
Citrix Citrix Landing Page

Central Service
Allows users to run applications in a Windows based environment. Mostly used to allow users to run Windows-only software. citrix, receiver, windows-only applications
Coeus Kuali Coeus Landing Page

Central Service
System for use by MIT Office of Sponsored Programs and the community for proposals and awards. conflict of interest, sponsored proposals, sponsored awards, Kuali
Cognos Cognos Landing Page

Central Service
Reporting tool for querying the database in a web application. data warehouse query, BrioQuery
CrashPlan CrashPlan Landing Page

Central Service
An enterprise backup system. online backup, cloud backup
Dropbox MIT Dropbox Landing Page

Central Service
With the Dropbox client, you can access your cloud data as though it was a folder on your local disk cloud storage capacity, document sharing
Drupal Cloud Drupal Cloud Landing Page

Central Service
Website hosting service. website hosting, cloud site
Duo Authentication Duo Authentication Landing Page

Central Service
Two-factor authentication including Yubikeys and the Duo Mobile App. authentication, accounts, duo, push, yubikey, token
eCAT [archive:eCAT Landing Page]

Central Service
Online purchasing system for placing orders with MIT's partner vendors. vendor purchases, vendor catalog, SAP
ElementK/Skillsoft ElementK-Skillsoft Landing Page

Central Service
Web-based training portal for faculty, staff and students. training portal, skillsoft, web training
Email Lists Email Lists Landing Page

Central Service
Moira and Mailman for administering and sending to mailing lists. mailing list, moira, mailman, email list
Exchange Exchange Landing Page

Central Service
MIT's enterprise email and calendaring system is Exchange. Includes Outlook Web Access. email setup, office, outlook, exchange, calendaring, mail, bounce
GitHub GitHub Landing Page

Central Service
An MIT site running GitHub Enterprise, a hosted version of GitHub software. Allows people to upload and share programming code with others. code, program, programming
LastPass LastPass Landing Page

Central Service
Will provide the MIT community with use of their premium password service and convenient access to data via Windows, MacOS, Linux and mobile native clients as well as via any web browser. password manager, store password Landing Page

Central Service
Web-based training licensed by MIT training, web
Microsoft Campus Agreement (MSCA) Microsoft Product and Campus Agreement Landing Page
Office 2016 Landing Page
Central Service
MIT's Microsoft software licensing agreement that provides students, faculty and staff with the Windows Operating System and Office software and updates. ms, microsoft, word, office, powerpoint, license, activation, msca, key, license

Central Service
Student Information Systems academic systems, student records, registration, financial services
MIT Wikis Wikis Landing Page

Central Service
a confluence based wiki service confluence, wiki
Network MIT Network Landing Page

Central Service
Getting connected and using MIT's network infrastructure network, outage, drop, wired, wireless, deactivation
Pcard/ProCard ProCard Landing Page
Central Service
MIT Credit Card or VIP card for departmental and sponsored research purposes. SAP, pcard, procard, receipt, credit card, atlas
Pharos Printing MIT Pharos Printing Landing Page

Central Service
Printing for the MIT community using Pharos and networked printers. print, pharos, network printer
Qualtrics Qualtrics Landing Page

Central Service
Enterprise survey service. survey, data collection
Quickbase Quick Base Landing Page
Central Service
Cloud-based platform for building customizable database applications and web forms. web forms, cloud
SAPgui SAPgui, SAP Reports and Accounting Questions Landing Page
Central Service
SAP is the system of record for MIT financial and HR data, more commonly accessed via Atlas, more complex functions require SAPgui for running reports and viewing invoices and other scanned documents. atlas, financial data, HR data, reports
Software Distribution Distributed Software Landing Page
Central Service
MIT Licensed Software Distribution. MIT software, licensed software, software
Stellar and Lmod (Learning Modules) Stellar and LMOD Landing Page
Central Service
Course websites, work submissions, gradebook, and course material storage system. Specific recon materials for Gradebook can be found in the Stellar recon page. module, course, gradebook, website, class, recitation, section, stellar
Tableau Tableau Landing Page
Central Service
Interactive data visualization and business intelligence software. visualizing data, secure data
TIP TIP Landing Page
Central Service
Textbook Information Provisioning. TIP, textbooks, provisioning
TSM [istdraft:TSM Backup Recon]
Central Service
Tivoli Storage Manager, an enterprise backup system. backup, tivoli
VoIP Telephony Landing Page
Central Service
Voice Over Internet Protocol, MIT's primary phone service with voicemail to email integration, built in conference calling and web access to your account. VOIP, MITvoip, voicemail, unity, telephony
VPN (Virtual Private Network) Cisco AnyConnect VPN Landing Page
Central Service
Virtual private network to create a secure connection to MITnet. VPN, cisco
Walk-in Service Center (IS&T/Atlas Service Center) IS&T Service Center Landing Page
Central Service Walk-in service center providing hardware and software support to the MIT community. walk-ins, hardware, software
WebEx Webex Landing Page
Central Service
Audio and video conferencing service including screen sharing. web, conference, teleconference

Service Center Loaner Program

IS&T has a program for loaning laptops to clients who are without a computer while theirs is being repaired by the IS&T Service Center. If a customer's issue requires service center repair, please reference the Service Center Loaner Program.

IS&T Contributions

Documentation and information provided by IS&T staff members

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January 09, 2019

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