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How do I install and activate X-Win32?

Getting Help

Please note that support for X-Win32 is provided by the vendor through this, StarNet Support page. These are the direct links if you want to bypass the support page with the information about support options and mailing list signup. The have an online knowledgebase and this form for email support.

Before You Start

Download the installer and Activation Key from IS&T's X-Win32 for Windows page
Ensure that your computer is connected to the Internet.

  1. Double-click on the X-Win32 installer you downloaded to start the installation process. Click Next.
    Setup Wizard

  2. Agree to the License Agreement. Click Next.
    license agreement

  3. You will be prompted to select the Destination Folder. You should generally accept the default setting. Click Next.
    destination folder

  4. You will be prompted to begin the installation. Click Install.
    ready to install program

    If the installation process does not begin right away, Windows may require confirmation. Move the installation window aside, and you may see a User Access Control window underneath or minimized. You should click Yes to give Windows permission to install the software.

  5. The installation process will begin. After a short delay, you will see a message that the installation is complete. Click Finish.
    install complete

  6. Launch X-Win32 by going to the Start Menu and selecting X-Win32 on the left side.
    start menu

  7. If Windows firewall alerts pop up, select Allow Access.
  8. If a prior X-Win32 release was installed, you may get a popup stating license upgrade failed. If this happens, you can dismiss the popup. It can safely be ignored.
  9. A License Wizard window should open. Select License your copy using an activation key, click Next.

  10. Enter the Activation Key which you can find here and click Next.

  11. You should see a popup stating that activation was successful. Click Finish.


Your installation is now complete.

To configure X-Win32 to connect to Athena, please see How do I configure X-Win32 to connect to Athena?.

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August 03, 2020

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