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What are the URLs to my web page on the different MIT web servers?

URLs on and behave differently:

both point at your ~/www directory. If you want

to do this as well, you'll need to create a symbolic link, like this:

  athena% ln -s ~/www/index.html ~/index.html

If you use relative links in your homepage, you'll want to add this line to each html document you have (note the trailing slash!):

  <BASE href="">

Otherwise, if you access your page via one of the latter two URLs, internal links will not function as desired.

If you lack ~/index.html, these two URL's will show a list of files in your account. Don't worry; people won't actually be able to view the files' contents, but if you want to keep the names of some files private, you can move them into your ~/Private directory. You can prevent this behavior altogether using the method described above, or by creating an empty file called index.html in your home directory, like this:

  athena% touch ~/index.html

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February 25, 2009

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