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Without a Social Security Number (SSN)

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
You can access Atlas at
This information about paystubs applies to those without a Social Security Number (SSN). If you have one, see: With a Social Security Number (SSN)

This application is for active employees and students paid weekly or semi-monthly to electronically view their Statement of Earnings and Deductions.
Note: To protect your personal data, this application requires Dual factor authentication.

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View Paystubs

Paystubs are available online after noon eastern time on the business day prior to the current pay date. When you enter Paystubs, all of your paystubs available electronically will list sorted by pay date.

1. To view a paystub as a PDF, click the the circle with the downward pointing arrow, to the left of the pay date. Your browser will provide options to download a PDF of the paystub.

2. Select the forward pointing carat for a paystub to view it in Atlas.

Sample Paystub Screen

Note: You can also open the PDF version by clicking "PDF Version" once you are viewing a paystub in Atlas. See "To Print a Formatted copy of Paystub (Adobe Reader required)" section of Help below.

Understanding the Pay Date

An individual who has only received payments during the regular payroll process and has been paid at the same frequency (weekly or semi-monthly) since they were hired will see pay dates such as 04/30/2014. This would be the date on which your net pay was deposited to your bank account if you have direct deposit.

An employee may have multiple pay frequencies. One example is an employee who was promoted from support staff to administrative staff. They pay date would capture the changing frequencies.

A pay date will have additional information listed next to it if...

1. A payment is made to an employee outside the regular payroll run. The pay date would be flagged as an adjustment to the regular payment. For example, if a time sheet was not approved timely and a request for a special check was submitted an "off-cycle" payment might be made to the employee.

2. An incorrect payment is reversed in the system after it is made. A regular payroll payment that is made and then reversed will include a "Reversed" comment. You may have a payment that includes more than one comment, like Adjustment-Reversed.

3. A pay date was processed, but you received no payment.

Sample Pay Date comments

Navigate Pay Periods

Once you are viewing a paystub in Atlas, to view additional paystubs from different pay periods without returning to the list of all paystubs, use the Previous and Next buttons. You can navigate from the first to the last paystub available. When only one button appears, you are at the end or beginning of the list. The buttons will not display if you only have a single paystub available. The list is sorted from the most recent pay date to the earliest pay date available electronically.

To Print a Formatted copy of Paystub (Adobe Reader required)

To print a formatted copy of a paystub, once you are viewing the paystub in Atlas, click the PDF Version link.

Finding PDF Version link

A formatted copy of the paystub with the MIT header and VPF HR/Payroll contact information will display. This version is a .pdf form and you must have Adobe Reader on your machine to access it. You can download Adobe Reader from here. Please contact the Computing Help Desk if you need assistance.

Contact Information for Additional Assistance

For additional assistance, please contact the VPF HR/Payroll Office.

Phone: 617-253-4255
Fax: 617-258-9700

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August 31, 2021

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