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Timesheet Resources

This documentation refers to the Atlas Online Gateway.
You can access Atlas at

Timesheet Access

Timesheets are available for authorized users in two locations:

  • Support Staff, Service Staff, and Students can access their own timesheets from the Atlas Self Service tab, under My Time
  • Time Approvers, Time Administrators, and Distribution Reviewers can access timesheets for their authorized Time Groups on the Atlas Manage People tab, under Time Sheets
To obtain authorizations to approve or administer timesheets, or to review distribution, please contact your department HR administrator, or send a request to

Recent Updates/Enhancements

Requirement to report all hours in the employee's normal work week

For support and service staff, the total hours entered for the week must equal or exceed the employee’s normal weekly hours. Any hours unaccounted for should be entered as Leave Without Pay (LWOP).

Automated reduction of vacation and sick-leave balances due to Leave Without Pay

When an employee is on Leave Without Pay for at least one month, vacation and sick-leave balances will now be reduced automatically, in accordance with MIT policy.

Learn more about the policy at and
Learn more about how leave reductions will be calculated at

Quick Reference Cards

Time Entry for Support Staff
Time Entry for Campus Police
Time Entry for Other Service Staff
Time Entry for Students

Correction to the Time Entry for Students card above: students will now be able to report hours 6 months into the past, rather than 10 weeks.

Time Approval, Time Administration & Distribution Review


Documentation and information provided by the MIT Community

Last Modified:

September 15, 2014

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