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The IT Partner's Guide to Onboarding New Staff Members

Pre-hiring Activities

  1. Interviews
  2. Employee accepts offer
  3. Download employee data from Data Warehouse
  4. New employee must sign up for Kerberos and send Kerberos information back to DLC Human Resources representative (or hiring manager)
  5. Get the employee's start date
  6. Input data into Request Tracker
  7. Space is assigned by DLC space person
  8. Assess space for network jack needs
  9. Procure and/or allocate IT equipment (computer, mobile phone)
  10. Determine what printer the user will use
  11. Assign VoIP line and phone
  12. Assign IP address (procure more if necessary)
  13. Add to email lists (moira and mailman)
  14. Work with ROLES administrator to assign ROLES
  15. Set up any server accounts and rights
  16. What special software does the user need?
  17. Image the computer, install in user's workspace
  18. Enable encryption
  19. Schedule training for user
  20. Exchange delegate rights & resource access
  21. Ergonomic setup (may wait until user starts)
  22. Special hardware (whether ergonomics or otherwise) including peripherals
  23. Should the user have admin access or not?

User Starts

  1. Set up building/space access (requires MIT ID card)
  2. Assign a mentor/buddy
  3. Give user initial training/orientation
    1. Server taxonomy
    2. Departmental policies, including etiquette
    3. Physical orientation (where the local printer is) - knowing your way around
    4. Off campus access (VPN)
    5. Checking out common equipment
  4. Set up backups
  5. Policies on sensitive data
  6. Physical security
  7. Voicemail setup, including recording a greeting
  8. Who to call for help
  9. Where to get training
    2. Books 24x7
    3. O'Reilly Safari
    4. MIT Training
    5. Outside IT Training Vendors (New Horizons, Compuworks)
  10. Ergonomic setup
  11. Mobile device setup
  12. Atlas self service
  13. E911 location
  14. Inherited data from predecessor

Temps - What's different

Onboarding IT Support Staff

  1. Tell them about IT Partners
  2. Request Tracker setup
  3. Network orientation
  4. Mailing list technology (mailman, moira)
  5. Set up as VoIP line owners
  6. What a certificate is, what Kerberos tickets are
  7. What we do, what IS&T does
  8. Who to call in IS&T
  9. WIN domain
  10. What is Athena


  1. De-provisioning roles & permissions
    1. Deactivate server accounts
    2. Mailing list removal
    3. Cancel mobile device payment (or transition to user)
  2. Archiving files
  3. Equipment reclamation
  4. Who should the user call after they leave?
  5. Emergency situations
    1. Cancel account with accounts office
    2. Human Resources interface


Documentation and information provided by the MIT Community

Last Modified:

August 04, 2022

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