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Q: I want to share some events on my calendar but keep other events private

> We were upgraded to Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. While we like many
> features of the program, we have a question about the calendaring
> program. We have some folks who want to share their calendars, but
> want all events to be private. We know how to do that individually
> for each event, but is there a setting that we can change to make
> this so. In our old program, you could give basic access rights
> that would keep the information private.


The Exchange system was designed to share entire calendars at a
time - yes you can set individual events to be private, but when
a new appointment is placed on a calendar it has the default sharing
level of that calendar.

The simplest solution for people who want some appointments to be
private and others public would be to ask these people to set up a
second calendar. The second calendar can have different sharing
permissions, so if you set it to not be shared, it would give you
want you want. New appointments or events on the second calendar
can be kept private, not shared.

Instructions for creating a second calendar are at:

After creating the new calendar, view its properties window and
inspect its premission to ensure that it is configured so that only
the owner has permissions on it.

Also see:

For instructions on sharing a calendar, see
Share Outlook calendar so others can see my personal calendar


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September 14, 2016

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